A Cleaning Day in the Cuale River is Carried Out

Jorge Chávez
Jan. 30, 2023

During the last week, a cleaning day was successfully carried out on the banks of the Cuale River, with the participation of students and teachers from the Escuela Secundaria 84.

Endorsed and supported by the Puerto Vallarta Municipal Government, this initiative is headed by John Benus, founder of “War Against Litter”, an ecological campaign that seeks to raise awareness on how necessary it is to know about the environmental problem in order to solve it.

After an informative talk, the participants, including 100 students and 25 teachers from the school, were divided into three teams to collect waste from the Libramiento Luis Donaldo Colosio, upriver to Paso Ancho neighborhood.

In the end, 20 large bags of garbage were collected, which were concentrated and transported by Public Services of the Puerto Vallarta City Hall.

Benus commented that more cleaning days will be carried out in the following months until June 5th, 2023, World Environment Day, and talks on environmental awareness will be given in schools of different levels.

If you want to know the cleaning agenda or support as a sponsor, volunteer or contributor contact John Benus at 415-331-0100 US/Canada or 388-105-0786 Mexico.

Visit The War Against Litter social networks.

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