A Magical Sunset on Puerto Vallarta’s Malecón

Jorge Chávez
Aug. 18, 2023

Puerto Vallarta offers an unforgettable experience to those seeking the beauty at its finest. Sunsets here are a constant spectacle, but it is after the rain when nature seems to take the stage, offering us a breathtaking dance of colors.

As the grey clouds give way to the setting sun, warm tones sweep across the sky, transforming it into an ever-changing canvas. The reflection of golden rays on raindrops creates a magical glow, painting the horizon in shades of orange, pink and purple. The freshness of the air after the rain adds a touch of purity to the experience, making each sunset unique.

As the sun sinks into the ocean, El Niño sobre el Caballito de Mar iconic sculpture (The Boy on the Seahorse), commonly known as El Caballito, comes to life on the Malecón. Against the backdrop of a fiery sky, Rafael Zamarripa’s masterpiece seems to come to life. A silent witness to countless sunsets, El Caballito becomes a symbol of the fusion of human creativity and the breathtaking nature that surrounds Puerto Vallarta.

So, the next time the clouds release their rain over Puerto Vallarta, don’t rush to take cover. Instead, take the time to enjoy the wonder that follows when the skies clear and sunsets paint the horizon with fire.

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June Rosen Lopez
Galería June Rosen Lopez

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