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Gaby’s Restaurant Bar: Authentic Mexican Cuisine

By  Alexis Velasco
Oct. 2, 2018

When it comes to trying authentic Mexican cuisine, Gaby’s Restaurant Bar is one of the best options in downtown Puerto Vallarta. During this family restaurant’s almost 30-year history, its gastronomy has evolved with the aim of pampering foreign and national diners with typical dishes in an atmosphere filled with folklore. The establishment is located on Hidalgo street (a few steps from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church), so it is ideal for recharging after a tour of the historic city center or for spending a pleasant evening enjoying the flavors of Mexico.

During our visit, young chef Julio Castillón presented us with some of his most outstanding dishes. Friendly and charismatic, he began by preparing a Caesar Salad at our table. While mixing the ingredients for the dressing that has made this dish famous around the world, Castillón told us the story of its beginnings back in the 1920s, when an Italian chef based in Tijuana improvised this dish for some members of the US Air Force. So, it originally was known as Aviator’s Salad. Subsequently, it acquired its current name in honor of its creator. At Gaby’s, it is accompanied with delicious homemade bread, and white wine is recommended to enjoy it.

As our main course, Castillón offered us Enchiladas de Langosta (lobster enchiladas), a specialty of the house that integrates two international elements: bechamel sauce (of French origin) and tomato cassé (widely used in Italian gastronomy). The enchiladas are filled and bathed with the sauce that results from this combination, and served au gratin with sautéed vegetables.

He also offered us their Margarita de Raicilla, one of the bar’s stellar cocktails. The raicilla used comes from the Cabo Corrientes region (south of Banderas Bay), where it is extracted from the lechuguilla and verde agaves. Its smoky flavor, mixed with Triple Sec and lemon, creates a strong, but delicious drink.

In addition to delighting the palates of diners at Gaby’s Restaurant Bar, the chef also offers group classes on Mexican cuisine, which include a visit to a typical market and the preparation of more than 20 recipes.

Gaby’s Restaurant Bar

Hidalgo 252, El Centro

Monday to Sunday from 8:00am to 11:00pm

Reservations suggested at (322) 222-0480

Facebook: Restaurant Gaby

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Mexican food lover, performing arts enthusiast and sunset hunter with green tea in hand.