Becas Vallarta Announces Fundraising Breakfasts

Vallarta Lifestyles
Feb. 22, 2016

Becas Vallarta has just released dates and venues for their seasonal fundraising breakfasts, to take place at some of our destination’s most prestigious restaurants. The non-profit was started over 50 years ago by the late Bernice Starr who, along with others, envisioned a program through which funds could be raised to provide education for as many Puerto Vallarta students as possible.

Through the years, Becas Vallarta has allowed thousands children and young adults to continue with their formal education. Many come from single family homes where the bread-winner makes only enough for the very basics of life. Those circumstances make it impossible for the children, no matter how bright and eager to learn, to continue their education past the mandated junior high. At that point, Becas Vallarta has intervened, sponsoring students through junior high, high school, university, and even medical, engineering and law school.

The Becas breakfasts allowed seasoned members of their community to mingle with one another, and also to connect with new attendees looking to contribute to such an important cause. The breakfasts are $200 pesos per person (tip not included), and also include a raffles and prizes, with many gift certificates from local businesses.

The dates and venues follow. All tickets must be purchased in advance from Suzie Erikson 221-5599, Mariel de Fregoso 221-0789, Terry Prill 221-5465 or Patti Bishop 222-3026. For more information, visit Becas Vallarta, A.C. online atbecasvallarta.com or contact them via email at .

  • November 18 — Vitea
  • December 16 — La Palapa
  • January 20 — Daiquiri Dick’s
  • February 17 — The River Cafe
  • April 13 — Coco’s Kitchen

Becas Vallarta A.C. is a nonprofit, tax deductible Mexican foundation charged with fundraising and administering the scholarship program for students in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. The America-Mexico Foundation, Inc., founded in 1961, is a nonprofit USA tax deductible foundation—under section 501 (C) (3) of the IRS code—that donates all funds raised to finance these scholarships.


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