Budget Margaritas in Puerto Vallarta

Alexis Velasco
Sep. 21, 2016

Among favorite summer experiences in Puerto Vallarta, enjoying a lime Margarita while watching the sunset is not just one of the most refreshing and relaxing, but also accessible, if you know where to go! The unique salty and acidic flavor of this mix of tequila, triple sec liqueur and lime juice with a twist of salt, makes it a favorite for many to beat the heat and a popular happy-hour drink.

Our place of choice, Océano Bar, stands out among the many venues that serve margaritas in town as they offer frozen lime Margaritas for $15 pesos Monday-Friday starting at noon, and 8 – 10 pm on weekends. Océano is also a part of local history, having opened to the public back in the 1940s. It is located on the second story of a five-story oceanfront building across the sculpture “Searching for Reason” by artist Sergio Bustamante at the Malecon, making it an ideal location for people watching and amazing sunset views.

Aside from the classic Margarita, Océano also features mango and strawberry flavors, and even though these are $35 pesos each, they’re worth trying and—given the current rage exchange—very affordable.

Appetizers such as guacamole and seafood specialties that pair nicely with your cocktail, are also available.


Sunset-lit Lime Margarita


Malecon view from Oceano Bar


At these prices, it’s easy to have more than one Margarita!

Océano Bar

Paseo Díaz Ordaz 540, El Centro

(322) 222-9755


Other choices

Margarita Grill in colonia Emiliano Zapata, is another great spot to enjoy this must-drink-while-in-Mexico cocktail. Margaritas here are a bit more expensive ($55 pesos) but you might be tempted by a wider range of flavors aside from the traditional lime drink: orange, cucumber, strawberry, pineapple, coconut, banana, cadillac and tamarindo. All of them available frozen or on-the-rocks, of course!


Lime Margaritas at Margarita Grill feature a seasonal pomegranate twist during the summer months.


Margarita Grill is particularly lively 7:30 – 10 pm, with live music performances.

Margarita Grill

Basilio Badillo and Pino Suarez St., Emiliano Zapata

(322) 222-9755

Happy Hour Heaven!

The following two spots are great choices for their 2×1 Happy Hour specials. That said, it is always wise to confirm the promotion before you begin imbibing, as these and other venues sometimes vary their offerings according to the time of year.

River Café

Isla Río Cuale Local 4, El Centro

Happy Hour noon – 6 pm.


Mr. Flamingo

Lázaro Cárdenas and Ignacio L. Vallarta St., Emiliano Zapata

Happy hour 2 -7 pm.



 History of the Margarita

Who really inspired the name of the cocktail?

Even though the source of both name and recipe of the Margarita has been much discussed over the years (including versions that claim it was inspired by American actress Rita Hayworth at a bar in Tijuana or by Margarita Henkel, the daughter of a german ambassador, in Ensenada) the most circulated origin story is that it was created by Texas socialite Margarita Sames while shosting a party at her Acapulco vacation home in 1948. Her friends, movie star John Wayne and hotel magnate Tommy Hilton, were so fascinated with the cocktail that they spread the word, thus starting a trend.

This story was featured in a 1953 issue of Esquire magazine, which is the first known mention of the Margarita on a media outlet.

Have you heard any another take on the Margarita history? Feel free to comment below!


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