Check Out Entreamigos’ Speakers Series Program

Alexis Velasco
Jan. 10, 2017

Entreamigos Community Center kicks off 2017 hosting a series of speakers conferences to take place from January 24 – February 21 at their venue in San Francisco—a small town located in Riviera Nayarit, approximately 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta.

The presentations will be held every Tuesday at 12:00pm and each week will feature a professional in a specific field, who will share his expertise, insights, experiences, humor and vision.

Below, we have included a list of the speakers and a summary of the subjects they will cover:

Joe and Manny Hadlock

January 24

“Making Music and Magic”

Joe & Manny will share stories of their 35 years of running Bear Creek Studio: “one of the most desirable

recording studios in the world”.  Founded in 1977 in a rural setting north of Seattle, the Hadlocks balanced their entrepreneurial spirit with a laid-back community ethic to create a technically desirable studio with a relaxing, homey feel.

Join this “power couple” who will be sharing tales of recording the likes of Neil Young, Eric Clapton, James Brown, Alice in Chains as well as the famous Rainer Beer Ads.


Pamela Thompson

January 31

“Everything You Need to Know About Healthcare in the Banderas Bay Area”

Pamela Thompson is the head of Healthcare Resources Puerto Vallarta. Her presentation will cover everything from insurance, medical consultations, how physicians work here, hospitals (difference between the private and public sector), medications and other healthcare matters.

Hilloah Rohr

February 7th

“Amazing, Diverse Italy”

European Alps Hiking and Cultural Tours’ founder will talk about the varied nuances that Italy has to offer: culture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Magnificent Dolomite Alps, Opera, romance and the world’s best food and wine!

Venturing through Florence, Venice, Verona, Belluno, Tuscany and onto the Alps including areas around Cortina and Bolzano. Wine tasting and castles in the Aosta Valley and the famous Langhe region. Culminating at the magnificent Monte Bianco, “La Grande Dame” of Europe. La buona vita!

Robert Graham

February 14

“The Art of Storytelling”

Robert Graham has a background in Social Psychology from UC Santa Barbara and was ranked one of the top speakers in the Western United States by Toastmasters International. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and past V.P. of Professional Development for the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD).

Come learn why stories work, how to craft them and how to own the room delivering them. Hear some stories, tell some stories, laugh and walk away with a new appreciation and skill for using the oldest form of communication.

Laney Bryenton

February 21

“The Climb of Community Living”

Laney Bryenton is Executive Director of the BC. Association for Community Living. She will present the story of 19 people with developmental disabilities, who embarked on a life changing challenge in 2006: to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

The purpose of the climb was not just to raise money for needed supports and services in local communities but more importantly to send a message to the world that people with disabilities aspire to great heights just like the rest of us and with a little support they too can achieve dreams many of us might think are unachievable.

Entreamigos Community Center is located at Ave. Tercer Mundo 12, San Francisco, Nayarit. For more information about Entreamigos’ Speakers Series, please email xm.gr1716400991o.sog1716400991imaer1716400991tne@o1716400991fni1716400991 or visit their website at www.entreamigos.org.mx.


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