Cooking Classes by Chef Julio Castillón in Puerto Vallarta

Alexis Velasco
Oct. 10, 2017

What better way to get acquainted with the Mexican cuisine ingredients and recipes than being accompanied by the chef of one of the favorite restaurants in Downtown Puerto Vallarta? Apart from delighting the palate of diners that visit his venue, Gaby’s Restaurant head cook, Julio Castillón, offers a unique experience to those interested in immersing themselves in the world of traditional gastronomy: cooking classes for children and adults.

Lessons are taught in the morning and can be scheduled for Mondays and Fridays (reservation needed). Classes are available in English and Spanish for groups of up to eight people. For reservations, call (322) 222-0480.

The dynamic of the class goes as follows: first, the chef and his guests go to the Emiliano Zapata traditional market, where they select and buy all the ingredients necessary for the recipes: masa harina to make tortillas, chicken, onions, tomatoes, coriander, avocados, guanábana, among others. Later, at Gaby’s Restaurant patio, they prepare the dishes alongside Julio Castillón. Guacamole, tamales, Mexican sauces, enchiladas and fresh water are only a few of their creations. Without a doubt, attendees have a fun morning tasting a wide variety of flavors Mexican cuisine offers.

Find below some pictures we took at one of Gaby’s Restaurant’s cooking classes. Chef Julio Castillón welcomed Anna, Sofia, Catherine and Grace; four enthusiastic Australian girls, and showed them the process to make some of his recipes.

Fruits at the Emiliano Zapata Market.


Chef Julio Castillón showing his students the ingredients at the market.


Dough for making sweet strawberry tamales.


Guacamole tasting.


Making Mexican salsa.


Making handmade tortillas.

Guacamole and salsa on the making.

For more information on Gaby’s Restaurant Bar and its cooking classes, follow its Facebook page.  

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