Discover Xocodiva & Lix

Jorge Chávez
Apr. 19, 2018

On Basilio Badillo, one of the most traditional and dynamic streets of the vibrant Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone, Lix is an artisanal ice cream shop that offers exquisite products made locally with 100 percent natural ingredients.

The originality of the concept and variety of flavors offered by Lix comes from Xocodiva, an exquisite artisanal chocolate shop that for 14 years has advanced this ancient food. The specialty is the individual pieces, handmade with European technique, based on dark, white or milk chocolate. One of their singularities, which elevates them to true edible gems, is that they are artistically painted with a natural, flavorless tint extracted and prepared from the same cocoa pod.

To appreciate the delicate process of making chocolates, Xocodiva opens the doors of their kitchen a couple of times a week so the curious and connoisseurs can witness the commitment and creativity chocolatiers Kathleen and Todd Atkins put into each piece.

For chocolate lovers, Xocodiva is a creative boutique that should be on your radar, along with ice cream parlor Lix, a delectable experience that is sure to please even the most discriminating palate.














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