El Salado Estuary: What Infrastructure Works are Being Carried Out in this PNA?

Jorge Chávez
Apr. 19, 2023

After a two-year closure due to the sanitary contingency and improvement works, the Salado Estuary is about to open its doors to the public in order to carry out different environmental education and sustainable tourism activities.

This was confirmed by Jaime Torres, director of the Protected Natural Area of Puerto Vallarta, who mentioned that the exact date of reopening will soon be officially announced.

“It is true, we have taken a long time to reopen, but it will be worth it for you to come and visit El Salado Estuary again. We are going to have more staff and more equipment, all with the users’ safety in mind,” he commented.

Among the works that the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Public Works (SIOP) is carrying out in the estuary are an entrance walkway, a small square, pedestrian walkways, docks, signage, a new sighting tower with accessibility and elevator, as well as the renovation of the ponds and the crocodile farm.

The director of the Protected Natural Area said that there are still details to be worked out, but there is a considerable progress in the infrastructure works mentioned above.

El Salado Estuary is characterized by its mangrove forests, lagoons and wetlands. It is home to many bird species, as well as reptiles. This Protected Natural Area covers 169 hectares and is fed by the Cuale and Ameca rivers. It is an important ecosystem for the region and is also an important breeding ground for marine life.

Via mural.com.mx.

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