Essentials for the Beach Created by Local Talent

Alexis Velasco
Aug. 9, 2019

The trend for local products is gaining ground in Vallarta · Nayarit, with countless boutiques, brands and designers based in the region presenting clothing, accessories, sports equipment and utilitarian objects that differ from those manufactured on a large scale, thanks to their design, originality, materials and quality. The popular farmers’ markets are proof of the public’s interest in what is made by hand and made in Mexico; however, you can find entrepreneurs all along the bay leading the way in this sector.


Diosa Mar

Mexican-American designer Tatiana Rodríguez-Anderson is originally from Yelapa, a picturesque community located on Banderas Bay’s South Shore, so she has a strong connection to the sea, her roots and nature. In addition, during much of her childhood and adolescence she lived in California, which gave her a modern and cosmopolitan vision. These two components are reflected in Diosa Mar, her swimsuit line that features one- and two-piece designs with a provocative and glamorous touch, always related to nature through earth tones and animal prints.

“Diosa Mar wants women to connect with their essence and their inner goddess. Its main objective is the empowerment of women. In addition, for me it is very important that it is a collection made entirely in Mexico,” says the creator.

The Diosa Mar collection includes styles ideal for water sports, sunbathing or simply wearing a spectacular outfit on the beach. Rodríguez-Anderson herself is a lover of surfing and practically lives on the coast, as she owns Chicos Yelapa beach club, where her bathing suits can be purchased. Although she already has a couple of designs for men, she is continuing to develop products for this segment.

Other places where her line is available are the Belén del Mar boutiques (La Isla Shopping Mall, Sayulita and Punta de Mita) and Dare Creations (Plaza Neptuno), as well as her online store, diosamar.com.

Essentials for the beach created by local talent, vallarta lifestyles, diosa del mar




Upon entering either of the two branches of the clothing and household items store Manyana (Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta), you will feel you are encountering something truly unique, an eclectic collection of products made in Mexico that incorporate materials from nature, unusual colors and minimalist forms. Therefore, the garments are perfect for anyone wishing to add a modern touch to their beach wardrobe.

Although the two boutiques exhibit products by several designers, one of the star collections is that of New Yorker Ed Fladung, who founded the project along with his wife, Marcia Vara. His clothing line bears the same name as the store and is made up of shirts, T-shirts, shorts, pants, bags and caps, among other accessories, most garments having unisex designs. According to the owners, the terms that best define their brand are good taste, comfort and quality.

Other companies with a presence in Manyana are Zii Ropa (linen garments), Dulce Armenta (very minimalist women’s swimwear), Seea (swimsuits with very loud patterns) Everyday Fabrics (textiles and household items made in Oaxaca), Between Nudos (line of hammocks made in Mexico) and Dolce Utopia (ceramic home products).

If what you want is a casual beach look or to decorate your property in Puerto Vallarta, Manyana is a very interesting and original alternative.

Essentials for the beach created by local talent, manyana



Loto San Pancho Surfboards

For surf lovers who come to either Puerto Vallarta or Riviera Nayarit, it could be very special to acquire a completely customized board made in the region under the vision of a local artisan. In the community of San Pancho, located north of Banderas Bay, is the workshop of Erick “Pronto” Orozco, founder of the Loto San Pancho Surfboards brand. The process to make each surfboard is very meticulous and done by hand, using specific instruments and imported materials. For this reason, the craftsman is currently focused on small-scale production and personalized service.

The boards include glass fiber and woven carbon fiber, and can be made in various sizes. Among the shapes available are twin-fins, thrusters, funboards, longboards and Stand Up Paddle boards. The shop is located on Av. Tercer Mundo, the main street of this Riviera Nayarit town. There, you will be able to find Pronto’s most recent creations, as well as observe his work process.

Essentials for the beach created by local talent, lotosurfboards


Finally, we strongly recommend that while you are touring Vallarta · Nayarit, you keep your eyes peeled, as you could come across other establishments, boutiques or workshops where local enthusiasts design or work on their next piece. And all these encounters are part of the magic of our destination.


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