Explore the Hidden Path to Colomitos Beach

Alexis Velasco
Apr. 13, 2016

Among the different beaches along the Banderas Bay coast, one is particularly difficult to reach due to its location on a tiny cove between two mountains in the South Shore: Colomitos Beach.

There are only two ways to get there: by boat—you own, or by taking a traditional water taxi or panga—and hiking the hills that separate Boca de Tomatlán from Colomitos through a hidden path. The second choice has become very popular in the last few years as a weekend stroll, featuring striking landscapes and vistas of the entire bay, and offering visitors and locals an alternative way to exercise and explore new areas around Vallarta. It can be attempted by just about anyone in good physical condition.

We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to take this 30-minute excursion to the white-sand beach and, of course, share with you the views we found. And if hiking is not your thing, spending a day in Boca at the beach, watching people come and go and eating traditional Mexican fare under a beach umbrella is a good option as well. Enjoy!


Our adventure begins here, at Boca de Tomatlán Beach in the South Shore, approximately half an hour from Puerto Vallarta’s Emiliano Zapata neighborhood by car or public bus.


At the left-hand corner of the beach you will find a staircase leading to this sign. Are you ready to hike?


It is simply not possible to go stray from the path once you reach the only sidewalk that follows the coastline leading to Colomitos. GPS needed? We don`t think so


We have walked for only 10 minutes and are already enjoying stunning views.


There are a couple of excellent vantage points along the road. Prepare the camera and snap some pictures!


It is highly advised to carry a bottle of water and wear comfortable shoes.


Comfortable AND non slippery shoes are suggested, that is!


After rocky landscapes, we begin to walk into the jungle. Using insect repellent would be a good idea if taking this stroll in the summer.


As we approach the final part of the route, you might feel the heat. Wooden handrails are available if you need to take a break.


Those who decided to reach the beach by boat are departing. Definitely another experience to try!


YES, we are almost there! Aren’t those blue hues beautiful?


Mission accomplished! Now it is up to you deciding how to spend the day: swimming, diving or sunbathing?

How to get to Boca de Tomatlán

Take Carr. 200 in Colonia Emiliano Zapata and drive south for about 30 minutes, you will pass Conchas Chinas, Garza Blanca and Mismaloya. The exit to Boca de Tomatlán is just after Le Cliff restaurant. Public transportation is also available from the bus stop located at the intersection of Basilio Badillo and Constitución featuring regular schedules.


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