Five Spots in Puerto Vallarta Made Famous by Instagram

Alexis Velasco
Mar. 18, 2016

It’s a well-known fact that Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are full of beautiful and iconic places, with stunning landscapes often captured in pictures by visitors and locals. However, there are also a number of picturesque spots, only formerly known by a few, that suddenly become very popular thanks to the power of social media.

Here is a list of five charming places making a splash on Instagram that you definitely have to visit, if you haven’t already!

  1. Mosaic Wall at Olas Altas

This iconic wall is located on Pino Suarez street in Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone, just a few steps from Lázaro Cardenas Park. The wall was created by local artists Natasha Moraga and Daniel Moraga, as a part of the “Mozayko Vallarta” project. They used mosaic, glass and tile to cover an area 180 sq m long, bringing to life this colorful artwork that blends beautifully into the Old-Vallarta architecture.

If you’re looking for an inspiring background for your next selfie, this is the one!


Natasha Moraga continues to make Puerto Vallarta brighter with her Gaudí inspired public art pieces. There is still one undiscovered mosaic wall by Instagrammers located on Albatros street in Marina Vallarta. The piece was made in collaboration with Victor Salas and is 374 sq m long, which makes it one of the longest decorated walls in Puerto Vallarta. In addition, Moraga along with local artist Carla Peña Chavarria have been commissioned to recreate the ‘Puerto Vallarta’ sign that welcomes everyone to our city, once it’s finished it will certainly be another Instagram-worthy setting.

  1. Murals along Rio Cuale Island

The Rio Cuale Island has become an outdoor gallery! Over the last year, there has been a number of restoration projects in this peaceful place surrounded by nature. This includes the rehabilitation of walls by local artists, who have painted murals all along the Island, just to make this place look even more special.

If you want to display an Instagram gallery full of urban art, a photowalk through the Island is a must!

You can get there by walking down the stairs that stem from the bridge that leads to Old Town as an extension of the Malecon, then by walking all the way up from Oscar’s restaurant to the Cuale Cultural Centre.

  1. Colomitos Beach

One of the most-talked about getaways in recent months is Colomitos, a tiny beach on Vallarta’s South Shore, tucked away between the mountains, featuring white sand and clear waters with stunning blue hues. To get there, folks can take a gentle, 20-minute scenic hike from Boca de Tomatlán through a sidewalk along the sea while surrounded by nature. The path is a setting like no other in which you can get amazing pictures. And once you arrive, the view will leave you speechless.

  1. Love Door at Los Muertos Pier

Romantic pictures will always be a hit on Social Media, that’s for sure. If you are looking a spot to share a moment with your special someone, Puerto Vallarta’s Pier at Los Muertos Beach is just the one. Steps away from the pier you can find a picturesque turquoise door featuring a heart in the middle. Happy couples have been taking their photos at this spot, making it a new trend on social media. There are also many restaurants in the area, where you can enjoy a romantic date once you’ve snapped the perfect selfie.
Needless to say, you do not have to be in a relationship to photograph this gem, Instagrammers have taken this spot as a symbol of self-love as well.


  1. Pachamama Wings in Sayulita

Without a doubt, Instagrammers love Sayulita!

This vibrant town located 30-minutes away from Puerto Vallarta was recently appointed a “Magical Town” due to its quaint streets, vibrant colors, cultural offerings and beautiful beaches. Almost every corner of Sayulita has a great location for bohemian-style pictures, but The Pachamama Gallery is particularly popular among visitors. This venue is home to the Pachamama Wings, a wall painting made by Huichol artist Javier Muvieri Quetzal, where people love to spread their wings and strike a pose. It looks amazing, doesn’t it?

The gallery can be found on Delfines Avenue, one block away from the beach.


So, whether you are an Instagram influencer or an everyday “iger,” your gallery is about to look spectacular with all this new material. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #LovePV to engage with more people!

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