Four South Vallarta’s beaches that you must visit

Estefanía Montes
May. 8, 2019

Puerto Vallarta is internationally known for being a destination that combines the urban life with the nature. Usually, visitors are focused in the city’s north and central zones, however there are a few lucky ones that enjoy the South Coast, featuring a diverse of natural attractions.

To awaken your curiosity and feed your adventurous spirit, here are some of the most highlighted and beautiful beaches you can enjoy in this area.

To get there, it is easier to departure from Boca de Tomatlán, a pictorial fishing village located at Jalisco’s south shore.


Arriving to this hidden treasure is possible by two main routes. The first one and the simplest, is taking a water taxi, (a small vessel). The second and most challenging one is hiking. If you decide to take this last option, you better be ready for walking in the middle of the jungle for approximately 40 minutes, go up and down through some rustic stairs and follow the signs located all over the journey. Even though, the path sounds hard, there are some places where you can rest and take a break. Whichever option you choose, both will take you to one of the smallest beaches of the city, Colomitos. Which has quiet turquoise water and white sand. It is advised to bring food, even though the number of food vendors in the site has increased.

Four south vallarta’s beaches that you must visit

Las Animas

This beach is located minutes away from Colomitos and, just like Colomitos, you can arrive by water taxi or hiking. If you decide to hike, get ready for a more challenging path, because beyond the 40 minutes walk to Colomitos beach, you have to go up to a small part of the mountain, the starting point of a journey surrounded by nature that will take you to another hidden paradise. There you will find a larger beach with bright blue water, light sand, smooth waves and some restaurants where you, after an intense physical effort, could treat your self with the tasty gastronomy of the place.


To this beach is possible to arrive in 20 minutes by a small boat. There you could find various restaurants where seafood and Mexican food are offered. One option is to stay there, enjoy the good food, and also the peaceful wave’s movements of the turquoise sea and have a relaxing day. Even though, the main attractive of Quimixto is a cascade located at 1.5 kilometers from the town, the ideal thing to do is to approach to a tour guide. The difference between this place and the other two mentioned, is that the route is more accessible and the estimated time is 20 minutes walking. Whichever option you choose will be a great experience.


The only way to arrive to Majahuitas beach is via water and getting there takes between 20 or 30 minutes. This is an ideal place if you want to relax and be one with the nature. There you can enjoy activities such as snorkeling and diving, because the water is crystal clear so you are able to see the diversity of the ocean fauna. You can complement the experience by trying the delicious culinary flavors and after that walk meanwhile you feel the soft sand below your feet.

Four south vallarta’s beaches that you must visit

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