Gaby’s Restaurant Renovates

Alexis Velasco
Dec. 6, 2017

Mexican restaurant Gaby’s has reopened doors after a renovation period and is ready to welcome clients for one more season. The restaurant has renovated and improved its kitchen space with the aim of providing clients an even more quick service and delighting their palate with its culinary offerings.

Vallarta Lifestyles met chef Julio Castillón at the restaurant’s first floor, where he showed us the new, well-lit and more spacious kitchen facilities. Gaby’s Restaurant Bar building used to be the house of the Castillón family and is located near the intersection of Mina and Hidalgo streets in El Centro. It opened in 1989 and over the years has improved its facilities several times in order to offer an even more pleasant experience. It is a regular participant of Restaurant Week and has positioned itself as one of the favorite Mexican cuisine restaurants thanks to its commitment to the authenticity of local and domestic dishes. Raicilla-based drinks, traditional desserts and main dishes that represent Mexico internationally are featured on its menu.

Moreover, chef Julio continues to teach his Mexican cooking classes, which have been a great success among foreign visitors. In fact, a dozen of international influencers and reporters for media outlets have taken the cooking classes and shown interest in Gaby’s delicacies. Lonely Planet is one of the publications that have been amazed by chef Julio’s creations. During the class, he takes his apprentices to a local market, where they get all the ingredients necessary to prepare Mexican specialties and traditional beverages.

We encourage you to learn more about Gaby’s Restaurant Bar by visiting its website or Facebook Page.

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