Hot Tips for Cool Summer Survival

Jorge Chávez
Aug. 1, 2010

Those of us who have lived in Puerto Vallarta for a while may take some of these tips for granted. But for the newcomer—first, congratulations!—hot, humid and rainy summers in Puerto Vallarta can be a lot of fun, as long as you are properly prepared!

At Home

  • Unplug Your Appliances: Power shortages are common during the summer months. Ask around, and just about any local can share a horror story or two about laptops, TVs or microwave ovens that didn’t survive electrical power fluctuations. If you’ll be gone for the day, pull the plug before you leave.
  • Store Your Reds in the Fridge: Any wine connoisseur will tell you to drink your reds at room temperature. Then again, any local wine enthusiast will tell you there’s nothing wrong with keeping your reds chilled during the summer months, and many do so year-round.
  • Keep a Flashlight, Candles and Lighter Handy: You will not be caught off-guard if the power goes off in the middle of the night.
  • Plan Ahead Before Starting Your Day: If you will be out and about for a while, think about your windows and pets ahead of time. Most rain showers occur in the afternoons and evenings.
  • Keep an Eye on the Weather Forecast: Or at the very least, pay attention to your satellite TV signal. If it starts to fail, chances are it will be pouring in your neighborhood within 10 minutes or so!
  • Keep Drawers and Closets Ventilated: Clothes are susceptible to humidity during the summer months. Keeping them well ventilated will prevent mold and mildew from showing up unexpectedly on your favorite garments.

Out and About

  • Spend a Day at a Local Hotel: Anticipating lower occupation, many local hotels promote affordable day passes during the summer months, a great excuse for locals to spend a refreshing day by the pool. Consult our Hotel Guide on pg. 140 and dial the concierge for more information.
  • Catch Up on Your Summer Movies and Shopping: With three shopping centers with movieplexes in town—Plaza Caracol, Galerías Vallarta and Centro Comercial Soriana Pitillal—and two more under construction, there is no excuse not to enjoy this year’s summer blockbusters in air-conditioned bliss. And then there’s the shopping!
  • Drive Up to the Mountains: So close to Puerto Vallarta and surprisingly cooler, the inland towns of San Sebastian and Mascota are perfect daytrip options, or head south toward the Botanical
  • Gardens and El Tuito. You can find past articles on all of these destinations by browsing VirtualVallarta.com’s Getaway section.
  • Enjoy Cold Favorites at a Local Restaurant: Summer is a perfect time to discover cold dishes such as gazpacho or shrimp cocktails at many local restaurants.
  • Choose Your Shoes Wisely: Everything is slippery during the summer months. Rubber soles are a must. And keeping a pair of throwaway rubber sandals in your backpack is not a bad idea, should you get caught in the rain.
  • Throw Ziploc Bags in Your Pocket, Backpack or Purse: Your cell phone, pocket camera and wallet will appreciate it if you do.
  • Surrender!: If you follow these tips—or not—and get caught in the rain, enjoy it! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn you are not the only one who does.


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