The Jazz Foundation Announces Three Upcoming Performances

Jorge Chávez
Apr. 20, 2016

The Jazz Foundation, Puerto Vallarta’s premiere jazz performance venue, celebrates diversity and originality through three upcoming performances: Héctor Rodríguez/Agustín Bernal Quartet will perform traditional jazz; “No somos nadie… aún” will perform cutting edge electronic music; and the talented Argentinean musician Loli Molina will perform in a trio setting. This is the first time these ensembles perform in Puerto Vallarta, and tickets are currently available for all three performances.

“No Somos Nadie… Aún”

This Zacatecas-based electronic music group performs “atmospheric music for the senses” with laid-back, harmonious beats, suitable for any venue, promising an unforgettable experience for those present. The fairly new ensembl has opened for important artists throughout Mexico, and has participated in important festivals, such as the Urban Culture Festival in Ciudad Guadalupe, and the Contemporary Art Festival in Guanajuato, along with many public and private events. Their first album, Guadalupe, is forthcoming. Learn more about them through their Facebook page, or click HERE for a taste of their music on Soundcloud.

  • Friday and Saturday, April 22 & 23 • 10 pm • $100 MX Cover
“No Somos Nadie... Aún”

“No Somos Nadie… Aún”

Héctor Rodríguez/Agustín Bernal Quartet

This quartet was established in mid 2014 and features four important musicians in Mexico’s jazz scene: Héctor Rodríguez on guitar, Roberto Verástegui on piano, Gabriel Puentes on drums, and Agustín Bernal on bass. The group performs contemporary jazz originals by Rodríguez. They have performed at the Chihuahua and Aguascalientes International Jazz Festivals, and other important events throughout Mexico. They are also presenting their first album, Circunvolución.

  • Saturday, April 30 (International Jazz Day) • 9:30 PM • $150 MX Cover
Héctor Rodríguez performing in Panama

Héctor Rodríguez performing in Panama

Loli Molina Trio

Argentinean guitar player Loli Molina has been described as “a whirlwind, fun and fresh, with the energy and style of a girl that is growing up.” She studied jazz and composition, along with classical technique, and has collaborated with important Latin-American musicians, such as Juana Molina and Kevin Johansen. She has three discographic productions under her belt: Amarillos (2008), Si o No (2011) and Rubi (2015). She will introduce her personal project at The Jazz Foundation. “We are thrilled to be included as a stop in her first Mexican tour,” commented The Jazz Foundation organizers. Check out her music on Soundcloud, or visit her Facebook page.

  • Sunday, May 1 • 8 pm • $100 MX Cover (presale)
Argentinean guitar player Loli Molina in concert

Argentinean guitar player Loli Molina in concert

The Jazz Foundation is located at Allende 116 across from the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta’s El Centro. For more information, visit their website or their Facebook page. ()


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