Kasava Taste · Antojería Grill: Caribbean Flavors with an Asian Twist

Jorge Chávez
Nov. 7, 2023

Kasava Taste · Antojería Grill offers a unique culinary experience that blends the flavors of the Caribbean with an Asian twist. This small urban kitchen, owned and operated by the talented Fabiola Pérez, has been tantalizing the palates of exotic food lovers since its inception in 2020. However, it was not until early 2023 that they officially began operations in this cozy restaurant.

The name “Kasava” is derived from the word “cassava,” a tuber widely cultivated in the Americas, Africa and Oceania for its high nutritional value. This root is the foundation of Caribbean cuisine.

During a recent visit by the Vallarta Lifestyles editorial team to Kasava Taste · Antojería Grill, Fabiola Pérez took us on a culinary journey that began with two delicious Oriental appetizers: Vegetarian Lumpiás and Chicken Satay.

Vegetarian Lumpiás are Chinese-style fried spring rolls filled with fresh vegetables. On the other hand, Chicken Satay is a typical Thai dish, juicy and fun to eat, with a special touch thanks to the accompanying peanut sauce.

She then presented the main courses. Caribbean BBQ Ribs are a true delight, bathed in a unique sauce created by Fabiola Pérez that combines the sweetness of the plum with Caribbean flavors. Grilled chicken also takes center stage at this restaurant with flavors such as Mango-Habanero, BBQ and Peanut.

To complement these delicious dishes, Kasava Taste · Antojería Grill offers a selection of side dishes, including Sweet Potato Purée, Mashed Potatoes and Caribbean Rice. However, the Potato Sambal deserves special mention: fried potatoes bathed in a habanero sauce that whets the appetite and prepares you to enjoy the other dishes.

Fresh and delicious Coconut Water, artisanal prepared on site, is the perfect beverage to accompany the unique flavors offered by Kasava Taste · Antojería Grill.

Kasava Taste · Antojería Grill
Libramiento Luis Donaldo Colosio 308, Benito Juárez
322 121-4476

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By the way, an excellent opportunity to go and taste the flavors of Kasava Taste · Antojería Grill is by attending the following event scheduled for November 12th, 2023:

Kasava Taste

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