KM 33: The Meeting of Luxury and Latin American Fashion

Alexis Velasco
Dec. 28, 2017

The creators of the KM 33 brand chose tourist destinations favored by today’s international influencers as the sites for their exclusive boutiques, which showcase the talents of emerging fashion designers, primarily Mexican.

Punta de Mita, the brand’s newest home, joins Mexico’s Tulum and San Miguel de Allende and the Caribbean’s exotic Turks and Caicos. In all these shops, the beautiful clothes and accessories themselves seem to tell a story that highlights the best of Mexican culture. It is a connection between the latest fashion trends and Mexico’s richness.

The minds behind KM 33 are Sara Galindo, a well-known figure in Mexico’s fashion industry, having served as executive fashion director at ELLE Mexico magazine for more than a decade, and Gael Deboise, an expert in marketing, with an incredible feel for the world of luxury, who has worked for brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Mercedes Benz, Ermenegildo Zegna and Louis Vuitton. The items chosen for each of the shops have been defined by their vision, making KM 33 a window to the world for Mexican fashion.


Vallarta Lifestyles visited the branch in Punta de Mita, located in a new commercial complex on Av. Las Redes. In this seductive space, we learned about some of the brands available and discovered that many have funds that support national textile producers and craftsmen.

The elegance, subtlety and tradition of unique women’s attire from rising national designers and companies such as Valeria Larr, Carla Fernández, Yakampot, Vero Díaz, Maruca Novelo, Recreo San Miguel and acclaimed Kris Goyri create the ideal beach outfit for this season.

In addition, KM 33 features artisanal jewelry from cooperatives and creators such as Caralarga, with its enchanting collection of cotton yarn and pearl necklaces; Daniela Bustos Maya, who incorporates vintage coins in her accessories; Sophie Simone, with her line inspired by nature and Mexican landscapes; Mariana Estrada and Antonieta Fernández (Felina), whose minimalist pieces with simple lines exude elegance; and Lucca Luc, whose collection evokes the geometric forms of pre-Hispanic times.

Among the Latin American brands included in the boutique are men’s swimsuits from Marané (Uruguay) and versatile women’s handbags with a tropical flair from Palma Canaria (Colombia).

Outfit available at KM33 Punta Mita. Hat: Summer Romero.

Sara Galindo faithfully attends the most important Fashion Weeks in Latin America, where she takes every opportunity to establish relationships with the designers behind the most popular clothes and accessories. So, every time you visit KM 33 you will find new creative pieces.

Among the most popular items in the Punta de Mita shop are KM 33’s line of hats and those from Summer Romero (handmade designs by Mazahua artisans), with a colorful Mexican touch. Other items augmenting this astute selection include Robert August surfboards, aromatic candles and Arquiste perfumes, as well as tables and hammocks made in Tulum.

While Punta de Mita holds exclusive purchase options for several years, KM 33 has arrived to establish a new standard by offering a world created by the most promising names in the Latin American fashion industry. You can learn more about the boutique on Instagram: @km33tulum or their website: km33tulum.com.

Long live Mexican design and its talented proponents!


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