Let’s Go Shopping!

Jorge Chávez
Feb. 22, 2016

As noted in our recommendations for this summer on, going to a mall during the hot and rainy weather offers an assortment of distractions and comforts. In addition to a variety of stores, products and services for both tourists and residents, many are air-conditioned and some feature movie theaters.

Our region has more than 10 shopping centers distributed along the bay, each with a distinctive touch, from the traditional Plaza Caracol, one of the first in Puerto Vallarta, to the modern Galerias Vallarta, with its international stores.

The following list offers a brief description of each of these malls, along with a table of amenities and an easy-to-use map.

Plaza Soriana Pitillal (1)

Shopping center in one of Puerto Vallarta’s inland neighborhoods.
Francisco Villa 1642, Ex Haciendas del Pitillal

Galerias Vallarta (2)

Modern mall across from the Maritime Terminal.
Fco. Medina Ascencio 2920, Hotel Zone

Mega Nuevo Vallarta (3)

Shopping center where you can pay utility bills and shop for staples.
Carr. 200 Norte 1297, Flamingos Club

Paradise Plaza Shopping Center (4)

More than 100 spaces housing restaurants, shops and much more.
Paseo de los Cocoteros 001, Nuevo Vallarta

Plaza Caracol (5)

One of the first shopping centers in Puerto Vallarta.
Fco. Medina Ascencio Km 2.5, Hotel Zone

Plaza Las Juntas (6)

Shopping center with assorted home decor shops.
Carr. 200 Norte Km 11.5, Airport-Valley

Plaza Neptuno (7)

Shopping center at the entrance to one of Vallarta’s most exclusive areas.
Fco. Medina Ascencio Km 7.5, Marina Vallarta

Plaza Península (8)

Shopping center with a view of the bay and the Pitillal river.
Fco. Medina Ascencio 2485, Hotel Zone

Plaza Walmart Bahía de Banderas (9)

Shopping center with shops to meet basic needs of tourists and residents.
Carr. 200 Norte, Mezcales

Small Vallarta (10)

Small shopping center near the northern end of the Vallarta Malecon.
Paseo Díaz Ordaz & 31 de Octubre, El Centro

Centro Comercial Nima Bay (11)

Although not yet completed, some spaces are open for business.
Paseo de la Marina 121, Marina Vallarta

Wal-Mart Ex Haciendas del Pitillal (12)

While the mall is still under construction, Wal-Mart is open for business.
Francisco Villa 1638, Ex Haciendas del Pitillal


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