New Restaurant Opens in Emiliano Zapata

Jorge Chávez
May. 31, 2016

Mestiza, a new restaurant in Puerto Vallarta’s cosmopolitan Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, officially opened its doors to the public, offering a hip, more urban alternative to the area’s buzzing culinary scene. Mestiza is the brainchild of Monica and Alexander—a Mexican/Swedish couple—whose very successful La Mezcalería in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, is frequently listed among “top ten restaurants to visit” in the beautiful, colonial town. The young but very successful couple even finds time to design and produce {CAMPUS}, their own line of blue jeans. “We are constantly looking out for new opportunities,” commented Alexander during the very well-attended opening event. “We were advised by close friends that Puerto Vallarta would be an ideal spot for us to open a new restaurant. After six months of searching, we found the ideal spot.” Mestiza is located on Pino Suárez St., around the corner from Lázaro Cárdenas Park.

Their menu features a refreshing selection of products from the sea, tostadas and entrees to share, blending Mexican and international flavors. The decor is monochromatic and industrial, in urban shades of gray, brown and black. Surprisingly, the use of black Oaxaca ceramic lampshades that project geometric shapes all around, imbues the space with a cozy, intimate feeling, and air conditioning adds an extra layer of comfort for the coming Summer months. “The response from the local community has been great,” added Alexander.



Tari Bowman
Daiquiri Dick’s

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Rodolfo Choperena
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