Night Lights in PV: El Centro

Jorge Chávez
Jan. 31, 2024

In Puerto Vallarta, nights take on a unique charm. As the sun bids farewell, the streets come alive with lighting that accentuates the enchanting architecture and the natural beauty surrounding this Mexican paradise.

El Centro de Puerto Vallarta (Downtown Puerto Vallarta), with its blend of tradition and modernity, comes to life at night, offering residents and visitors a captivating experience that illuminates the soul and leaves a mark on the heart.

Buildings and plazas come alive in the soft light that highlights their architectural details. Restaurants and cafes set tables on the sidewalks, offering dinners under the stars as the aroma of local cuisine fills the air.

Craft shops and art galleries become illuminated showcases that invite exploration.

Nights in Puerto Vallarta bear witness to the magic this destination has to offer. They are an experience that blends authenticity and charm.

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Leonardo Uribe
General manager

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Ulf Henriksson
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Vitea Oceanfront Bistro

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