Pain-Free Yoga Workshop Announced

Paco Ojeda
Dec. 14, 2016

Via Anderson, a certified Yoga and Movement therapist, is presenting a three-hour workshop at Davannayoga on December 20, 2016, from 4-7 pm. The workshop topic is: Creating a Pain-Free Yoga Practice. This workshop is for everyone who wants to move better and without pain in a yoga practice, specialty sport, or everyday life.

“We all know that moving is good medicine. But poor movement patterns, repeated, over time, can cause injuries, tension, and pain,” commented the therapist. “This workshop will help you discover how to move your body easily, intelligently, and without pain.”

Via Anderson

The Functional Synergy approach to intelligent movement recognizes that the key to addressing chronic pain, avoiding more pain, and moving freely is movement that is pure, within a pain-free range of motion, and without compensation. Moving with awareness is also important because you can’t change something that you are not aware of. Moving purely with awareness teaches the body to move safely without compensation or pain. Anderson is a student of Susi Hately’s Functional Synergy method of yoga therapy and the workshop will be based on Functional Synergy principles of movement.

The price is $350 pesos or $20 USD per person. Space is limited, so pre-registration is encouraged. Contact Davannayoga (davannayoga.com) to register online or via email at or call (322) 233-0530. For more information about Via Anderson and this workshop, please visit www.intelligentmovementforever.com.


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