Playa del Amor: One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Jorge Chávez
Feb. 19, 2024

Playa Escondida or Playa del Amor, located in the Marietas Islands, was recently named one of the 40 most beautiful beaches in the world by National Geographic Travel.

Since its discovery, this volcanic beach has captivated travelers from all over the world. Its crater shape makes it a unique geological treasure and its preservation has become a priority. Since 2016, only 100 people a day have the privilege of exploring its shores, limited to a 30-minute stay to preserve its ecosystem.

For adventurers who wish to explore this hidden wonder, access is available through certified tour operators that depart from Punta de Mita, just 15 minutes from the islands.

Once in Marietas, the access to Playa del Amor is unique: through a cave! To reach its white sands, visitors immerse themselves in an unforgettable experience, swimming from the boat into the darkness of the rocky cave to emerge at Playa Escondida.

From swimming in turquoise waters to observing fascinating marine life, the Marietas Islands offer a multitude of entertainment options.

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