Puerto Vallarta: A Destination Beyond Sun and Beach – Part IV

Jorge Chávez
May. 17, 2024

Puerto Vallarta offers a multisensory experience with its diversity of activities, rich culture, and exquisite cuisine. With over two thousand restaurants and numerous culinary events throughout the year, this destination is a cultural melting pot. Outdoor adventures, from beaches to extreme zip lines, as well as outstanding golf courses, enhance its appeal. Additionally, its location and natural beauty make it an ideal place for business tourism, combining work with leisure.


Puerto Vallarta offers a blend of experiences that go beyond what conventionally exists in a sun-and-beach destination. The diversity of activities, cultural richness, and exquisite cuisine, along with other promotional pillars, create a place that captivates all the senses.

Exquisite Cuisine

Due to all the benefits that converge in Puerto Vallarta, our city has become a cultural melting pot that welcomes visitors from all over the world. This diversity has allowed it to concentrate one of the most prosperous gastronomies in Mexico, with over two thousand restaurants (including those within hotels and independent establishments) offering more than 30 types of cuisine.

Additionally, throughout the year, events focusing on gastronomy are celebrated, including Restaurant Week, Vallarta · Nayarit Gastronómica, the International Gourmet Festival, Vinoma Fest, and the Craft Beer Festival, among many others.

Vibrant Culture

Puerto Vallarta stands as a vibrant cultural destination, celebrating the richness of Mexico through unique events like the Day of the Dead Festival and all other festivities held at the end of the year.

Moreover, with an increasingly prosperous art district (located in El Centro, along Guadalupe Sánchez Street and its surroundings), our destination is known as a place where colors, creativity, and talent converge. It also hosts renowned art galleries that welcome exhibitions by nationally and internationally recognized contemporary artists.

Diversity of Activities and Outdoor Adventures

The adventure offerings in Puerto Vallarta are as diverse as they are impressive: more than 50 outdoor activities make up the unique spectrum of entertainment in our destination. From the smallest beach in Mexico (Colomitos) to the world’s longest suspension bridge for razers, the city offers unique experiences for all tastes and ages. Activities such as swimming with dolphins in the wild, seasonal whale watching, mountain biking, jet skiing, paragliding, extreme zip lines, and now a spectacular glass-floored lookout over the jungle expand the array of exciting options for visitors.

Golf: Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit at the National Peak

With 11 golf courses in the region, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are positioned on the national scene as undeniable references for practicing this sport. For the past three years, our destination has been home to the Mexico Open at Vidanta, one of the most important golf tournaments on the PGA Tour, where, in addition to appreciating some of the best players, new ways of enjoying and appreciating the culture surrounding this sport can be found.

Business Tourism with a Beach Twist

Again, the unique geographical position of Puerto Vallarta, combined with its natural attributes, makes it one of the most convenient places for business tourism. Unlike large cities, which also offer quality infrastructure for holding conferences, the plus of our destination, which is obviously a factor in decision-making, is having all the benefits to enjoy the beach during the participants’ stay, who take advantage of the opportunity to come with their families and go out sightseeing in their free time. 


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