Puerto Vallarta Celebrated World Tourism Day

Alexis Velasco
Sep. 28, 2016

This past Tuesday, September 27, Puerto Vallarta’s Municipal Government celebrated World Tourism Day with a gala dinner at City Hall, attended by local businesspeople and government officials. At the event, Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña offered the keys to the city to three personalities from the tourism industry who have contributed to the region’s development: Apple Leisure owner, Alejandro Zozaya; Mark Travel Corporation Chief Operating Officer, Bill La Macchia Jr.; and Expedia Company Manager for Asia and the Pacific, Phoebe Bush.

“It’s an honor for me to celebrate World Tourism Day with all of you from the most beautiful destination in México: Puerto Vallarta. We are all one family: hoteliers, restaurant owners, traders and citizens. We all benefit from tourism and will continue working for the ongoing development of the city,” said Dávalos Peña.

The event was enlivened by renowned opera singer Filippa Giordano—who was named Tourism Ambassador of Puerto Vallarta by the Municipal Government last year—and attendees enjoyed a three-course dinner prepared by young, local chef Joel Ornelas, whose new restaurant, Tintoque, is opening this coming October 7 in Plaza Neptuno, Marina Vallarta.


Arturo Dávalos Peña thanked all present for their support and commitment for the development of Puerto Vallarta.


Filippa Giordano performed some of her hits and other Mexican classics.


Puerto Vallarta City Hall featured a special ambiance with event decor inspired by the twenties.


Attendees enjoyed gourmet, seafood dishes and cocktails prepared with locally grown ingredients.


Chef Joel Ornelas and partner Mateo Gómez provided guests with a little taste of Tintoque’s culinary offerings.


Chef Joel Ornelas along with his staff after a successful dinner.


Filippa Giordano performing “No Volveré” by Mexican songwriter Manuel Esperón at the World Tourism Day gala dinner in Puerto Vallarta.



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