Puerto Vallarta Gets Ready to Receive the First Regatta of 2022

Jorge Chávez
Mar. 8, 2022

One of the biggest attractions of Puerto Vallarta is its beaches, which are ideal for practicing water sports. The combination between climate and the sea is perfect for enjoying sailing, a popular hobby that has led to the organization of more and more regattas in our destination.

From March 10th to 18th, 2022, our bay will host the Vallarta Race, an event that has a great reputation thanks to its challenging route and competitiveness.

This traditional competition, which started back in 1953, starts in the coasts of San Diego, California and ends in the warm waters of Puerto Vallarta, where some of the bests sailboats in the world participate.

In this way, our destination is getting ready to receive visitors who hope to enjoy this important race. Given this, the Airbnb travel platform reported the following cities as the most interested in booking for this first regatta of Puerto Vallarta in 2022:1

  1. San Francisco
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Toronto
  4. Seattle
  5. Vancouver
  6. San Diego
  7. Chicago
  8. New York
  9. Portland
  10. Denver

In addition, Airbnb highlighted that during the 2019 edition, the hosts could have won up to 22,000 pesos.2

Regattas, as this kind of competition is known, are the ideal event for family and friends to have the opportunity to enjoy our destination for several days. In addition, they allow anyone to obtain extra income by sharing a space and bringing the benefits of this industry to everyone. With 32 boats registered for Vallarta Race 2022, the regatta promises to be one of the events that will attract a large number of visitors to the city.

If you are one of those who eagerly awaits the arrival of these wonderful fleets to the bay, these are some of the places you can find advertised on Airbnb, where you can stay and enjoy the beach:

Beachfront Condo
Having the beach a few steps away is the dream of every sea lover, and in this apartment you can enjoy and do home office from its place specially prepared so that you are not away from work.

Náutico Condo at Marina
If you want to be close to the place that will be the race’s center of attraction or if you are simply a boat lover, this apartment located in Marina Vallarta will make you feel in a nautical paradise.

Spectacular View of the Marina
This is another option if you prefer to be in a place not so close to the beach, but near restaurants and nice places to share with your family and friends, walking along the Marina boardwalk during the night.

Beachfront Studio
A spacious shared pool and a comfortable place to rest after practicing some sports on the beach, is what awaits you in this beachfront studio apartment.

How to Become a Host?
Airbnb created a 10-step system for becoming a host, where it incorporates the Ask a Superhost tool, which connects potential hosts with a Superhost for personalized help. In addition, the platform introduced Aircover which offers comprehensive coverage for every host on Airbnb with up to 1 million USD in damage protection and up to 1 million USD for liability coverage, subject to the terms of the applicable policy. Visit this link for more information.

Photo courtesy of PVRace.com.

1 According to the proportion of nights reserved per city of origin for Puerto Vallarta. Reservations with check-ins during the week of the tournament (March 10-18) and up to five days before. Data as of February 23, 2022.

2 In a scenario for 2019: With a stay during all the nights of that year’s event (9 nights, March 5-14, 2019).


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