Puerto Vallarta Plans Promotional Campaigns to Bring Visitors this Winter

Estefanía Montes
Jun. 10, 2020

To try to counteract the effects of the health contingency, Puerto Vallarta has begun planning different tourism promotion campaigns with the aim of attracting visitors from the United States, Canada and other parts of Mexico, for this coming winter season.

Although travelers are expected to start arriving gradually this summer (thanks to the increase in national and international flights, as well as the different promotions offered by Mexican airlines), the objective of these campaigns is to generate a significant upturn in occupancy for the end of this year and the beginning of 2021.

To do this, the Jalisco Ministry of Tourism, together with the new Public Trust for the Promotion and Tourist Advertising of Puerto Vallarta, are preparing to visit, as soon as there is a Green Light, the cities that represent a natural market of our destination.

Currently, more than four thousand travel advisers are in constant training through the more than 80 digital seminars designed to learn how to attract the segments to which Banderas Bay caters. In addition, different hotels and restaurants have begun to launch attractive offers to promote an increase in visitors to the region.


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