Puerto Vallarta Receives SingularityU Mexico Summit 2018

Jorge Chávez
Oct. 10, 2018

For the second consecutive year, Puerto Vallarta will host the SingularityU Mexico Summit, one of the most important events about exponential technology in Latin America, which will take place on November 7th and 8th, 2018.

Promoted by Singularity University, an institution that seeks to generate teaching, connection, innovation and disruptive solutions for the problems of humanity; our destination will receive more than 20 speakers that will address topics such as neuroscience, corporate innovation, artificial intelligence for public policies, genetics and cloning, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, automated construction and education, among others.

Vivian Lan Agami, director of SingularityU Mexico Summit in Jalisco and Jaime Reyes Robles, secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology of Jalisco; presented at Casa Jalisco in Guadalajara some of the speakers that stand out this year, including:

· Anthony Atala, one of the most influential people in the world about biotechnology, will participate to talk about cell culture, tissues and printing of human organs.

· Nico Sell, world renowned for constantly investing in hackers to change the world in a positive way, will talk about cybersecurity for the protection of personal identity on internet.

· Esther Wojcicki, winner of the MyHero Award, will speak about her work globally, empowering high school students through the media.

· Santiago Siri, founder of the Democracy Earth Foundation, will speak about the creation of incorruptible digital technologies to bring us closer to an ideal government.

Go to singularityumexicosummit.com to get more details, buy tickets and be part of the community of the future that will drive the transformation towards a Mexico and a better world.

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