Puerto Vallarta’s New Monumental Catrina

Jorge Chávez
Nov. 1, 2022

On the occasion of the celebration of Day of the Dead, the Puerto Vallarta’s Malecón is home to a monumental catrina, whose height is 23 meters.

The designer of this catrina was Alondra Muca, a Vallarta young artist who led a work team that was involved for more than a year in the preparations of this enormous structure, which is made of metal and a fiberglass skeleton.

According to Muca, this catrina has details alluding to both the city and the Mexican Pacific.

Located next to El Faro, this monumental work brings a new enhancement to our city, making it a new attraction.

Photographer Víctor Lara shares this series of photographs where you can appreciate some aspects of this impressive work that shows fine touches of art and great creativity.

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