PV International Airport: One of Mexico’s Top Airports

Jorge Chávez
Oct. 17, 2023

In recent years, Puerto Vallarta International Airport has established itself as one of the most prominent airports in Mexico, solidifying its position as a key player within the Pacific Airport Group (GAP).

This distinction is evident in the steady growth of its numbers, as highlighted at the recent annual meeting of the 2023 Advisory Commission for the International Airport.

In support of this claim, executives pointed out that in 2022, our airport ranked seventh in the Mexican airport network in terms of domestic traffic, making it the third most important airport in the country for tourism. In that year, it welcomed an impressive total of 6.2 million passengers, connecting travelers to a remarkable array of 52 destinations, including 13 domestic and 39 international, served by 24 prestigious airlines.

Its seventh place in domestic traffic is behind Mexico City International Airport, which had nearly 31.7 million passengers. Close behind are Tijuana with 12.1 million passengers, Guadalajara with 11.1 million, Cancún with 10.7 million, Monterrey with 9.5 million and Mérida with 2.8 million.

In terms of international traffic, Puerto Vallarta ranks fifth, behind destinations such as Cancún with 19.6 million passengers, Mexico City with 14.5 million, Guadalajara with 4.4 million and Los Cabos with 4.2 million. Puerto Vallarta International Airport received a total of 3.5 million passengers during the same period.

The GAP stands out as the largest airport operator in Mexico, managing an impressive total of 56.7 million passengers in 2022, connecting travelers to 116 destinations through 31 airlines. With 610,498 operations and over two thousand employees, GAP continues to lead the Mexican airport industry.


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