Sherri Narro’s History at Puerto Vallarta

Jorge Chávez
Dec. 14, 2018

When talking about the local offering of luxury properties, it is inevitable to think of Sherri Narro. Prior to her arrival in Puerto Vallarta, she lived in the USA, along with her husband, David Lyons, where both had successful careers as lawyers. When they made the decision to retire, they came to visit our destination. They loved it and decided to settle here permanently.

Like many other expats, relocating to this region of Mexico was one of the most important and enriching decisions of her life. There are many factors that led her to take this unexpected turn, and there are numerous benefits that Puerto Vallarta provides.

During our chat, Narro shared what brought her to this part of the country, how her love for this jewel of the Pacific was born, how she spends her days here and what her favorite places are, as well as recommendations for people who are thinking of moving to Vallarta · Nayarit.


Sherri Narro: Leader in Luxury Properties in Banderas Bay 

Happily married, Sherri Narro enjoys living in Puerto Vallarta. Because of the nature of her condominium in the hills of Conchas Chinas, she confesses that she is not a fan of draperies that prevent her from appreciating the views, so she usually gets up before the first rays of the sun enter her room. Together with her husband, she spends the early morning admiring the view of the city from her living room, with a delicious coffee in hand. Then they enjoy a quiet breakfast, while they chat and plan the day.

Cell phones and computers are turned on at 9:00am, when Narro starts checking e-mails to attend to any pending business. This method allows her to work from home. “Our clients are not accustomed to going to an office to get information. They prefer to go directly to the property they’re interested in. This situation made me a pioneer in virtual offices in Puerto Vallarta. Instead of investing in rent, maintenance and staff, it is better to invest in strategic advertising. That’s the way we have been doing business,” she explains.

Born in Texas, Narro grew up in Mississippi and was living in New Orleans when she started practicing law, having received her license to practice in the state of Louisiana. She has been a full-time resident of Puerto Vallarta for 22 years.


When was the first time you heard about Puerto Vallarta?

“My husband was on a business trip in London, where the climate could be summed up as cloudy, cold, rainy and dark. Upon returning, he told me he wanted a warmer climate, and some months later, he asked if we should try Puerto Vallarta. We also considered Zihuatanejo, but friends living there said they were about to move here, because there was much more activity. Taking their recommendation, David arrived here a few months before me. Due to the recent cold winters, he did not mind coming in mid-summer. I arrived for the high season. The funny thing is that we were unsure about staying; we just wanted to try it for about six months, but now we have been here for more than 20 years!”


What was your first impression of the city?

“Quiet and lovely. When I arrived, we came by car from the airport to the Malecón. During the ride, I noticed that it was a remarkably peaceful town. And as you know, the weather during the last months of the year is great in Puerto Vallarta, which was a very beautiful place and invited relaxation. Considering these elements, I knew our stay was going to be an extremely positive experience and very different from what we were accustomed to.”


When did you move?

“More than 22 years ago.”


What are your favorite places on the bay?

“I hate having to name a single place or my favorite options, because you always end up omitting some; however, we love going to Kaiser Maximilian. We have been going to that restaurant since we arrived in Puerto Vallarta! Although we don’t go out much, since we live in a magnificent property with a beautiful view that tempts us to dine there while we enjoy some cocktails, we also like to try the new culinary options that are arriving in the destination.”

“My favorite beach is Playa Gemelas… but other beautiful options are Palmares, Punta Negra and Ranchos in Punta Mita. For me, these are the most beautiful beaches in the entire Bay of Banderas.”


When you have visitors in the city, where do you take them?

“To the art galleries on Basilio Badillo street. I also really like to take them to Old Vallarta and the Malecón. Sometimes we enjoy some lobster by the sea or the octopus they prepare at Cervecería La Unión.”

“When one of my friends is here, we visit the boutiques that offer good clothing and beachwear. That way, they always return home with some pieces of decorative art.”


What things have changed in Puerto Vallarta since you arrived?

“Looking back, this condo did not even exist… nor did the tall buildings we now see on the horizon. We had very few hotels in the Marina, and everything that is now Fluvial Vallarta was a big green field where sorghum was grown. Now, all that has changed, and although we are still a small city—and will continue to be, due to the geography we have—the number of developments on the bay is phenomenal. Nuevo Vallarta also did not exist as we know it today. To the north, Punta Mita was only in the blueprint stage. Now, we have an uninterrupted string of lights on the bay at night, which form a kind of necklace. It was not like that over 20 years ago!”


What makes Vallarta · Nayarit so special?

“We have a great diversity of people, and we are very fortunate to have several daily flights to Mexico City and Guadalajara. So, if someone wants to come to Puerto Vallarta from anywhere in the world, it is very easy and relatively quick. We are a city within a small village, which is very colorful and valued by visitors. You can be as bohemian or low-key as you like or retreat to a private beach for the most impressive luxury experience in the world. In addition, our city is perceived as one of the safest in the world, and we do not have the problems of a great metropolis, such as traffic and industrial development. I feel safer here than anywhere in the USA. Our community is very friendly, and you see familiar faces all the time.”


What recommendations would you give to those thinking of moving here?

“It is much easier here than anywhere else in the world. My husband and I have traveled to several countries, and, comparatively speaking, you can really live in Puerto Vallarta. Here, we have all the amenities anyone would expect to feel comfortable and no problems settling in. It is a cosmopolitan city, and that is precisely the recommendation: Vallarta · Nayarit is the perfect destination to live outside the USA or Canada.”


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