Stephanie Montero Successfully Completes the Vuelta a la Bahía de Banderas

Jorge Chávez
May. 29, 2024

In an impressive achievement, Stephanie Montero Bending successfully completed the Vuelta a la Bahía de Banderas (Tour of the Banderas Bay) from May 20th to 26th, 2024. Swimming in six stages, Montero was accompanied by a team of high-performance sports experts and was under the supervision and protection of maritime authorities.

A Spectacular Journey

During the closing event, Stephanie shared her experiences of visiting each locality along the bay: “This bay is spectacular, it offers so much to all of us. It’s a wonder with its islands, mountains, people, food, marine fauna, and of course, the majestic humpback whales.”

Swim for the Whales: An Inclusive Project

Stephanie emphasized the importance of her project Nado por las Ballenas (Swim for the Whales), which aims for inclusivity: “While it’s true that it’s not necessary to swim 127 km or be at sea recovering ghost nets and/or rescuing entangled whales, we can all support the people and organizations that do this crucial work.”

Six Conservation Projects

This year, Nado por las Ballenas aims to support six comprehensive projects:

  • Rescue of Entangled Humpback Whales

Helping to free whales trapped in nets.

  • Recovery of Ghost Nets

Removing abandoned fishing gear that threatens whales.

  • Zero Bay Campaign

Reducing pollution in the bay.

  • Environmental Education in Primary Schools

Promoting environmental awareness from an early age.

  • Whale Watching Surveillance

Protecting whales during their migration.

  • Restoration and Monitoring of Corals in the Marietas Islands

Conserving the corals in this national park.

Acknowledgments and Recognitions

Stephanie expressed her gratitude to the boats that supported her, including Tron X, CONANP, Bahía Unida, Ecotours Vallarta, and Vallarta Adventures.

The Team Behind the Achievement

Each member of the swimming team played a crucial role in this feat. From kayaker Álex Arévalo to captains Mateo Ríos and Sebastián Tron, including Eduardo Santiago, coach; Jorge Villegas, swim leader; Daniel Garduño, sports psychologist; Dina Romero, doctor; Elizabeth Reyes, nutritionist; Valentina Cantón, physiotherapist and observer; Yoselin Gloria, swimming support and Jorge Morales, communication; all contributed to the success of the Vuelta a la Bahía de Banderas.

Additionally, it was shared with great enthusiasm that this is the first time in the country that a six-day staged swim of this distance has been accomplished.

Finally, on behalf of the Asociación de Empresarios de Puerto Vallarta y Bahía de Banderas, Stephanie Montero Bending was awarded a well-deserved recognition for the Vuelta a la Bahía de Banderas and her extraordinary initiative in the conservation of humpback whales and the marine ecosystem.

Stephanie Montero has left an indelible mark in the waters of the Banderas Bay, reminding us of the importance of conserving this natural treasure for future generations.

Follow this link to join the cause and donate online.

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