The Enchanting ‘Bailarines de Vallarta’ Sculpture on Puerto Vallarta’s Malecón

Jorge Chávez
Sep. 22, 2023

In the Puerto Vallarta’s iconic Malecón, a captivating masterpiece awaits the gaze of passersby. A testament to the city’s vibrant cultural spirit, the Bailarines de Vallarta sculpture gracefully enchants all who encounter it.

In 1994, Professor Enrique Barrios founded the Xiutla Dance Group, a ballet company dedicated to children and young people, with the noble aim of bringing the art of dance closer to the people of Vallarta. Starting with just 30 members, the group has since flourished, now boasting a remarkable roster of 320 children and teenagers.

A few years later, Jim Demetro, an artist from the United States, found inspiration in this cultural group. In 2000, after witnessing a mesmerizing performance by the Xiutla Dance Group on Puerto Vallarta’s Malecón, he set about creating an impressive sculpture. These life-size bronze figures have a unique, captivating colored patina that sets them apart from other sculptures in the city.

The Bailarines de Vallarta sculpture, unveiled along the Malecón II on November 28th, 2006, has since become an iconic symbol of Puerto Vallarta. This remarkable work of art beautifully embodies the city’s deep affection for dance, art and tradition. It captures a pair of dancers frozen in an exquisite moment of elegance and harmony, celebrating the sheer joy of movement.

As the sun gently sets over Banderas Bay, the Bailarines de Vallarta sculpture is bathed in a warm, golden glow, captivating all who see it. It serves as a testament to the timeless beauty of art and culture, warmly inviting residents and visitors alike to join in the rhythm of Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant spirit.


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