The Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB® Ends

Jorge Chávez
Nov. 4, 2022

Held for the first time in Latin America, the Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB® (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc), one of the most important international hiking events, came to an end.

Puerto Vallarta, San Sebastián del Oeste and Mascota were the Jalisco’s municipalities where the first edition of this sporting event was held, attracting athletes from different parts of the world.

Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB® had different races and categories that had a great part of the Sierra Madre Occidental as their route: San Sebastián del Oeste (100 miles), Mascota (100K) and the Puerto Vallarta Malecón (10, 20 and 50K).

The Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB® was organized jointly by the Jalisco’s Ministry of Tourism, the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board and Ochoa Sports Management (OSM), in collaboration with the municipal governments of San Sebastián del Oeste and Mascota, Jalisco.


100M Wixárika – San Sebastián del Oeste


  1. Dave Stevens – 23:45:04 h
  2. Jhon Barrera Moreno – 23:52:58 h
  3. Jeff Mogavero – 24:02:49 h


  1. Genevieve Harrison – 36:26:00 h
  2. Catherine Bradley – 37:45:14 h
  3. Kertu Palo – 40:39:11 h

100K Hikuri – Mascota


  1. Yun Yanquiao – 09:44:09 h
  2. Alexander King – 10:15:28 h
  3. Seth Ruhling – 10:51:54 h


  1. Emmiliese von Avis – 11:25:24 h
  2. Hannah Lafleur – 11:47:17 h
  3. Erin Clark – 12:07:19

50K Nakawé – Puerto Vallarta


  1. Ryan Becker – 05:33:28 h
  2. Zachary Sonoga – 05:48:31 h
  3. Héctor Rodríguez – 05:50:01 h


  1. Tara Fraga – 05:53:51 h
  2. Natalie Chirgwin – 06:30:11 h
  3. Nayeli de la Torre Segura – 06:37:23 h

20K Ereno – Puerto Vallarta


  1. Jeff Rosas – 02:45:27 h
  2. Gabriel Quiros – 02:47:17 h
  3. Sergio Arturo Moreno Herrera – 02:47:18 h


  1. Mariana Silva – 03:08:27 h
  2. Isabel Bolivar – 03:09:37 h
  3. Diana Mendoza – 03:20:50 h

10K Pata Salada – Puerto Vallarta


  1. Humberto Meza – 00:51:12 h
  2. Esteban González – 00:59:57 h
  3. Joshua Egure – 01:03:57 h


  1. Miryam Mancha – 01:10:30h
  2. Tania Zaragoza – 01:12:26 h
  3. Berenice Jazmín Jauregui – 01:20:22 h
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