Oysters & Shells Festival at Café des Artistes

Alexis Velasco
Jul. 18, 2017

Chef Thierry Blouet’s gourmet restaurant Café des Artistes welcomes summer with a special menu full of flavors from the sea. From July 15 – August 15, attend the Oysters & Shells Festival at this renowned restaurant in Puerto Vallarta that will have several dishes featuring these marine ingredients available, including cold and warm options.

Find below the menu:

Cold Options

  • Clam Tiradito

Edamames, fresh seaweed, and citrus emulsion

  • Tropical Clam and Scallop Ceviche

Coconut tiger milk, perfumed with lemongrass tea

  • Fried Oyster

Served over beef carpaccio with honey and mustard dressing

  • Fresh Shaved Oysters

Per piece or dozen


Warm Options

  • Warm Oyster

With cauliflower mousseline, smoked bacon sigh

  • Classic Rockefeller Oyster

White truffle foam

  • Kumamoto Oysters Pibil Style

Habanero and pineapple emulsion

  • Oyster with Ginger and Mezcal Butter

Cactus, ratatouille and crunchy corn

  • Mussels or Clams

Au wine white or marinara style


WhatsApp: (322) 159-5675

Teléfono: (322) 226-7200

Café des Artistes is located at Guadalupe Sánchez 740, El Centro. For more information please click here.