PV Airport Introduces eGates for Faster Border Control

Jorge Chávez
Jan. 26, 2023

Puerto Vallarta will soon introduce eGate lanes for faster border control. After a successful trial in Cancún, our destination expects this new automated system to provide the smoothest possible border experience.

eGates are an equivalent to ‘Automated Border Control Systems’ and a smarter, safer, and cost-effective alternative to officer-assisted passport checks. They can help decrease processing times and get travelers through the border with reduced waiting, as well as improve security, seeing that all passports are scanned and biometric data registered at the point of entry.

At Cancun International Airport, 18 operational checkpoints were observed, where travelers only had to scan their passport to gain entry. Approximately, travelers can complete screening within half a minute, as long as they meet the relevant requirements: a valid biometric passport and not having broken immigration law in the past.

This trial is the first phase building towards a semi, or fully digital border in the future. Since the trial began, more than 53,200 people have used the eGates and no major issues —whether technical or security-related—were reported.

According to the National Institute of Migration, the new technology is not only safe and efficient, as it actively promotes international connectivity between Mexico and its strongest commercial partners, boosting tourism and business.

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