Seeds, Harvest and Pueblos Taste

Vallarta Lifestyles
Jan. 14, 2020

Imagine walking by the peaceful town main square, listening to the traditional music and natural sounds while you discover the aromas and flavors that will be part of a great transcultural and multigenerational adventure. This is part of what you will experience once you jump in the van and start the Pueblos tour, a cultural trip that will allow you to learn more about San José del Valle and San Juan de Abajo, two picturesque small towns that are part of our destination.

Staring from Puerto Vallarta or Nuevo Vallarta, this trip begins at Planeta Cacao (San Vicente 120, El Tondoroque), an establishment that honors this antique and legendary fruit. Here you will learn the history and evolution of cocoa in a holistic way, through the tasting of its sweetness combined with the bitterness of its seed and the butter that comes from a gentle grind in a “molcajete”. Besides, you will have the opportunity to acquire this legendary treasure and if you wish, combine it with chile and experience, an ancestral and memorable flavor.

As this adventure continues, it is possible that a brotherhood feeling arises with your trip partners, because you will share a wide selection of local fruit that has been grown and harvested in the area. Plus, you will enjoy the meaningful details that are part of these places’ daily life, like a tasty avocado taco with salt and hand made tortillas.

During the tour of Pueblos by Vallarta Adventures, the guides will be with you to spread their knowledge about the history and interesting facts about these micro destinations, and, they will show you some establishments where you may buy different traditional Mexican cooking ingredients, as well as hand made objects.

Also, you will have the opportunity to observe the local landscapes with churches, plazas, mountains and crop fields, as you listen to the intertwined stories about Mexican fields and “Pueblos Mágicos”, where the prehispanic and Spanish roots mix in a harmonic way.

As noon approaches, you will arrive at one of the most peaceful and family-friendly locations; a lake, green trees, and one traditional meal await! This feast will awake all your senses, as you learn to cook some of the most traditional and representative dishes of the region.

Throughout this exquisite cultural experience you will be able to harvest unmatchable moments, while you discover some of the traditional Pueblos of our Bay.

Pictures: Courtesy of Vallarta Adventures

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