Storing Wines at Vallarta · Nayarit Homes: Smart Options

Vallarta Lifestyles
Apr. 4, 2022

If wine is one of your choice beverages, chances are you have found yourself daydreaming about that awesome bottle you have had tucked away at home for some time and how much you would like to enjoy it upon arrival. As soon as you uncork it, however, you realize that it is gone bad due to improper storage. When this happens with ordinary wine, it can even be repurposed (see below). But things can be truly tragic when we are talking about a treasured gift from a loved one, or a bottle of fine wine—it is worth keeping in mind that some of the most expensive ones can cost as much as 10,000 USD per bottle.

When savoring a good wine becomes more than an occasional pastime, that is, once you have invested yourself in researching, studying and discovering its unique flavors and scents, proper wine storage is not only important, it becomes indispensable. The good thing is there are extraordinary restaurants all over Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit where wine and its proper storage are a serious matter, such that you will most likely be able to enjoy a fine dinner paired with a favorite vintage. But, what should you be considering when it comes to storing wine at home? We approached a few connoisseurs to gather some suggestions for you.

“The most important thing to consider is a fundamental fact: wine is a living matter,” emphasized Antonio Mora, who owns Vinos & Wine, one of the most important wine dealers in Puerto Vallarta. “The fermentation process occurs through the metabolic action of yeasts, which are living organisms. Therefore, proper temperature and storage conditions are essential to control its evolution.” The ideal temperature is around 61ºF. A dark room in a humid environment are two additional considerations to take into account but the latter is hardly a concern here, given local conditions.

When it is time to enjoy it, serving wine at the wrong temperature can modify its flavor and aroma. This is largely due to the temperature at which alcohol evaporates, which is around 64ºF. A higher temperature brings out its strongest and less agreeable scents.

In a nutshell, you should consider drinking young whites around 45-50ºF to bring out their fruit notes. Vintage whites should be enjoyed around 50-54ºF. At lower temperatures you might miss the complex scents of the oak barrels in which they were stored initially. Rosés should also be enjoyed around 45-50ºF. A young red is best around 54-59ºF to bring out its freshness, and the temperature can increase with harvest age to as high as 68ºF.

Practical Home Scenarios

In order to properly store wine at home, we offer several solutions to keep in mind, depending on your current or future living situation.

  1. I lack a proper storage environment.

This is probably the case with most people than only enjoy wine on a casual basis. The best alternative here is to purchase wine in small quantities and store your purchases (both whites and reds) in the refrigerator. This will keep the wine from evolving.

  1. My new home or condo are presently under construction.

This is the perfect time to implement a long-term strategy! Involving your architect in the process will help finding and outfitting the proper space. Whenever possible, it is best to consider an underground location, where temperature is more stable. “Several local architects attend the wine tastings I host regularly, which has resulted in their increased awareness of wine’s subtle needs, and how to implement proper solutions in their designs,” commented Antonio.

  1. My new home or condo is finished.

If this is your case, you have two basic options to consider. You can transform a closet or shelved space by adding an air conditioning unit to keep your wines at a fresh, constant temperature. The second option—and the most practical for many—is to purchase an electric wine cellar. These specially-designed refrigerators keep wine at the ideal temperature, and many feature compartments that can be set at different temperatures, according to the type of wine you wish to store. Some units are stand-alone, while others are made at a standard size, allowing you to install them in your kitchen pretty much the same way you would install a dishwasher. And, if you are going shopping, do not forget to keep fine glassware in mind.

What about that bottle of wine that went bad? Do not waste it! You can use it in the crock pot to prepare a roast or a savory pasta sauce. When it comes to pampering yourself, a glass of wine in a hot tub will soften your skin while keeping it smooth. You can also just keep it simple and leave the wine bottle in the refrigerator and use it as salad dressing! The only thing that matters is finding the best solution for you to continue enjoying your favorite wine at home, whenever you want.

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