• ACT II Entertainment

    ACT II Entertainment

    This local live-entertainment company presents their productions to Puerto Vallarta residents and visitors in a brand-new multi-space complex that includes Main Stage, Encore!, and The Red Room.

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  • Los Bambinos

    Los Bambinos

    Brothers Carlos, Lazzaro, Immer and Giorgio Morales have been captivating audiences around Puerto Vallarta for years with festive tropical flare, covering popular songs by the Beatles, Beach Boys and other artists, along with traditional Latin favorites.

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  • Markets, Mercados and Tianguis

    Markets, Mercados and Tianguis

    A Mexican tradition that can be traced back to pre-hispanic times is the Tianguis, an open air market or bazaar usually held on the same day every week, where locals can purchase a variety of items, from fresh produce to clothing and so forth.

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  • Nuevo Vallarta Stage & Forum

    Nuevo Vallarta Stage & Forum

    The Nuevo Vallarta Stage & Forum is an intimate, theater-style performance space seating 100, where audiences from Nuevo Vallarta and surrounding communities can enjoy a variety of live musical and theatrical performances.

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  • Perro Bravo

    Perro Bravo

    The 1973 play by Peter Shaffer is the latest project by Perro Bravo, a Puerto Vallarta-based theater production company founded in 2014.

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  • Sama Martini Bar

    Sama Martini Bar

    Creative cocktailing is the norm at this intimate, yet festive bar, where you can choose to sit inside for an intimate conversation or outside, where you will enjoy watching people saunter up and down Olas Altas St.

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  • Sanborns Comes to Vallarta—Finally

    Sanborns Comes to Vallarta—Finally

    Of all the high-end brands and shops that are expected to open at La Isla, the new shopping center presently being built along F. Medina Ascencio next to the Grand Venetian development, Sanborns is the one that sticks out in the yearning minds and hearts of many locals, particularly those who have visited other major cities in Mexico

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  • The Palm Cabaret And Bar

    The Palm Cabaret And Bar

    This live entertainment venue features local cabaret-style entertainers, along with guest artists from Mexico, Canada, USA and beyond. The Palm Cabaret and Bar features intimate seating, a well-stocked bar and an outdoor sidewalk patio, ideal for enjoying a cocktail before the show.

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